Sunday, January 11, 2015

So - What's on your mind

How many times have you begun a conversation only to stumble through your thoughts? How about difficulty in describing how your feel or details of your ideas? What type of impression do you think that left on the person listening?
     When I think of writers, the first thing that comes to mind  is someone hunched over a vintage typewriter.  Perhaps you remember - the kind with the messy ribbons and the distinct, round, little  buttons. The clacking noise they made is a far cry from today's quiet-touch keyboards. Not to mention there are no strikers on your keyboard to get tangled.
     But I digress, perhaps these writers of old instinctively knew something that only later surfaced in research of psycholinguistics, (psychology of language), which suggests many benefits come from putting thought into the written word.
     How much better do we feel when our thoughts are organized and refined? One of the ways to accomplish this, easily, is to just - write them down. Computers are remarkable tools but have their limitations.