Friday, February 27, 2015

My Sexy Saturday, week #81


 Welcome to My Sexy Saturday, week #81.

This week's theme is about my sexy addiction, about the time you knew you were in love. Regardless of the time or place, you just - knew. 
     Below is an excerpt from Shadowed Origins, second in the Anath series.

      Under her palm, Taylor’s freshly-shaven jaw held the strength present in his aura. She wanted that type of power, wanted to feel safe in whatever path her life took. She’d spend years earning it. Yet now she sat beside the man who possessed the knowledge and patience to help her.
     And he wanted her, not to use her, but to know every aspect of her heart and soul, help her collect the shattered pieces and weave a new magic, a new direction. A world in which they belonged together could be more than a dream.
     The faint aroma of his aftershave floated to her nostrils. After meandering through her system, it seemed to set up camp in every sensory fiber. She felt as though he’d placed his mark on her for all time, one that transcended physical boundaries. This man wanted her, not for her talents, but for her very soul. “Kiss me now?” She whispered as she leaned forward and brought her lips to within inches of his.

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Let's talk dirt

  Hmm, yep – the good stuff, soiless mix. Most big box stores carry it. I never use garden dirt as it carries too many things that will destroy your seedlings.
     Yesterday, hubby and I opened our coffee filters to find tons of germinated seeds. The bigger seeds (squash, zinnias, lupine) are easy to pick up individually and place in the pots. Smaller ones -like tomatoes and the even tinier snapdragon seeds had to be picked out with tweezers. Easily done. Top with just a dusting of mix and cover with the clear plastic dome lids to keep in the moisture until most everything pops up. Shouldn’t take more than a couple of days.

Sunday, February 22, 2015

My Sexy Saturday


This week's theme is all about that special moment in time where you knew your life would be forever changed. A split-second in time when you met THE one that would wipe out thoughts of any other. The one you could see in your life forever more.

   This week's seven paragraphs from Shadowed Horizons.

As he padded silently back to his desk, images of long blond hair with natural highlights kept interrupting his thoughts.  “Ah yes, sunning on the beach, swimming in the ocean, laying on a towel with sand in all the right places. Yep, that line of thinking will certainly keep my mind on my work. While we’re at it, why don’t we throw in some beach volleyball and make it really boring.” He reprimanded himself with quiet disgust while sipping a coke.
     “I like volleyball,” came a lilting if amused voice from behind him.
      Soda spewed, his monitors and keyboards earned the sticky spray as he choked and whirled around in his chair. He froze when confronted by his fantasy come to life. His jaw dropped at the gut wrenching beauty before him. Even wearing leathers and knives, hands down, she was the most beautiful woman he’d ever seen. Visual hallucination?

Sunday, February 15, 2015

Gardening - A journey in patience, caring and serenity

   I consider a small garden patch, a good book, and a four-footed companion all necessary ingredients for a peaceful life.
   In years past, I’ve tended over 100 rose bushes, cutting gardens, veggie gardens, etc. Though I’ve scaled back, I still enjoy growing flowers and a few veggies from seeds and tending them in my small greenhouse.
     Over the next several weeks, I’ll detail the simplest way I’ve found to start veggie plants and grow beautiful flowers. 
     Even with a small budget, your vegetable plants and flowers can look spectacular. Whether you’re planning a quarter acre vegetable garden or just some flowers for pots on your front porch, it can be done easily with a minimum of fuss.   
     For some folks, even those who despise winter, this time of year can inflame passion, inspire dreams, and stimulate their imagination. Yep, it’s all about the dirt. There’s no need to point out the benefits (both medical and physical), of gardening. Spend an afternoon in someone’s garden and you’ll see for yourself. It can be provide hours of mental relaxation and burn a few calories to boot.

Sunday, February 1, 2015

A writer's ramble

How many authors out there get frustrated with your lack of knowledge of your craft? Sure - we've   attended  the required English classes in high school and/or college. But how in-depth was the instruction? Did they teach you how to avoid  misplacing or letting your modifiers dangle or were they content if you knew the difference between a noun and pronoun?
     Anybody that has published a story or is in the process of submitting their work can tell you - it's a tough business. Each publisher's site will inform you - only submit POLISHED work. So you go through your manuscript again and again until you think, hmm, it's perfect. Low and behold - you get offered a contract. Now you think - WOW! I'm on my way.  Think again. I've heard it said - never give your editor a headache. Surely we'd not do this on purpose...But for a new author who was NOT an English major in school, this might be a fool's errand. Your work is now just beginning.