Sunday, February 22, 2015

My Sexy Saturday


This week's theme is all about that special moment in time where you knew your life would be forever changed. A split-second in time when you met THE one that would wipe out thoughts of any other. The one you could see in your life forever more.

   This week's seven paragraphs from Shadowed Horizons.

As he padded silently back to his desk, images of long blond hair with natural highlights kept interrupting his thoughts.  “Ah yes, sunning on the beach, swimming in the ocean, laying on a towel with sand in all the right places. Yep, that line of thinking will certainly keep my mind on my work. While we’re at it, why don’t we throw in some beach volleyball and make it really boring.” He reprimanded himself with quiet disgust while sipping a coke.
     “I like volleyball,” came a lilting if amused voice from behind him.
      Soda spewed, his monitors and keyboards earned the sticky spray as he choked and whirled around in his chair. He froze when confronted by his fantasy come to life. His jaw dropped at the gut wrenching beauty before him. Even wearing leathers and knives, hands down, she was the most beautiful woman he’d ever seen. Visual hallucination?

     “I like cherry coke too, but I’d rather drink it than wear it or embellish my electronics with it. Glad I’m not a giggle-snorter. Is there anymore?”
     Visual hallucination with audio? He frowned and tapped his foot to a rhythm, a slow yet unheard beat.
     “Hope you don’t mind, but I really am thirsty, and since you’ve joined the cryonic mission after your decorating debut, I think I’ll help myself.”
     “By all means, do.” Nothing else could emerge around the wild beat of the organ lodged in his throat. Not shy…huh. He studied her as she walked into the kitchen to snag a soda from the fridge. The view his open floor plan afforded him topped anything outside. Unable to look away, he blindly dabbed at his electronics with a handkerchief. Various beeps and buzzing chirps attested to his abuse. Distraction never before caused this type of damage or provided this much excitement.

Shadowed Horizons – Blurb
Love should never be a choice between family and the man who’s claimed your heart.
     A warrior’s life is the only one Kiera’s known since her psychic brethren adopted her from the streets as a child. Though she possesses equal preternatural ability and fighting skills, they will always see her as their youngest and in need of protection. According to their leader’s psychic vision, her twofold destiny includes saving a computer prodigy’s life and a mate who pulls her from death’s clutches.
     Carlin, an electronics genius, develops software/hardware which could destroy any government. Without malicious intent, he seeks to prove possibilities beyond his current reality. Bored with the aspects of his social life, he yearns for a family.
     When Kiera saves Carlin from the clutches of a psychic terrorist who stalks him for his program and skills, neither is prepared for the immediate connection formed. From the first skirmish, both their lives are caught up in a maelstrom of danger and desire. Kiera struggles to keep Carlin and his work from the terrorist who wants to destroy the U.S. while resisting the extraordinary attraction between them. Can Carlin convince her they were meant for each other and survive her warrior brethren?  


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