Friday, February 12, 2016

Spider Game Review

 Spider Game Review

Spider Game is the twelfth book in this paranormal romance series about an elite group of genetically enhanced men and women, super soldiers known as Ghostwalkers.
Cayenne, one such experiment, is considered an experiment gone horribly wrong. After being targeted for extermination, Cayenne escapes from her prison only to lack to skills to survive in the Cajun bayou.
Trap Dawkins is the Ghostwalker who has been genetically paired with the beautiful and wild Cayenne. He is definitely an alpha male, controlling, confident, etc.
I’ve read several others in this series, but here, the author has crossed the line. Trap starts out as a likeable character, anger issues and all. However, his abusive relationship with a woman who has been imprisoned and tortured ALL of her life just doesn’t wash. He took a woman with a lifetime of abuse and kept her a victim.  Cayenne, a woman trained to kill, tortured, etc. would not stand for it.
Repetitive passages, wondering body parts, and some inconsistencies made this a bit of a frustrating read.

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