Saturday, March 21, 2015

My Sexy Saturday # 84


 This week's Sexy Saturday's theme is Our Sexy Tomorrow.
The first time Carlin and Kiera come together and he knows that she's the one.

  Shadowed Horizons

“You know I’m going to kiss you, don’t you?” Very slowly, he stepped forward until his body came within a scant inch of hers. He wanted her to close those last few centimeters. With a gentle hand, he stroked a few strands of hair from her face. Her eyelids fluttered as she tilted her head into his caress. Her groan was his undoing. Circular motions on her scalp saw her leaning into his caress. Unable to restrain himself, he delved both hands into the thick mass of hair to hold her secure for his devouring.
A sudden clearing of someone’s throat startled them back to reality. Silky hair slipped through his fingers as she backed a step, closed her eyes, and looked down.
“Hey guys. Carlin, I’ve got your bag in case you wanted to shower before we eat. Whatcha doin?”
Shit! “Um…checking for ticks? Lyme’s disease can be a serious problem.”
“In December?”
“Yep…those little nasties can be hearty little buggers. Sides, the weather’s been very mild.”
“And she picked them up while swimming in the freezing sea water?” Narrowed eyes and hardened expression belied the smooth tone. He hadn’t met this warrior…
“Surely they get thirsty?” He turned to meet the warrior’s direct stare. Deadpan. Word travels fast around here. Hope he doesn’t turn me into a french fry or something.

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