Saturday, March 28, 2015

My Sexy Saturady #85

This week's post entails the ways lovers talk to each other. I think  nonverbal communication between lovers can be the most fascinating.  I don't mean between the sheets. It can be something as simple as sitting side by side pulling weeds in the garden or slow dancing to an otherwise unheard beat.

 In Shadowed Origins, Kyley, having never known the love of a man, is learning to trust Taylor. With his patience and guidance, she begins to develop confidence and demonstrate her trust in Taylor with her strong nonverbal.

Shadowed Origins

   Pleasure filled him with the signs of her growing trust. Even though her expressioin remained tight, she leaned back and into what had to be a significant fear. Her thin frame hovered half in, half out of the water. "Good, Kyley. That's good." It's also a good exercise in developing confidence in me.
     "Is it okay if I hold onto your arm? I'm a little nervous." 
     "For as long as you like, Kyley. For as long as you like." How about forever? Not only is she tellling me how she feels, she looks to me for security instead of quitting.
     It didn't take long to get her hovering about the waterline with little support. Not only satisfaction, but also pride emanated from her gaze in spite of prior experience. After a few moments, her facial muscles relaxed. The corners of her mouth twitched a little before settling into a smile. 
     He still noted a slight tension in her back. Tense from the new experience or tense from contact? Hmmm...
     "Promise you won't let go of me?"
    "Never, Kyley. Never." He meant every word. "relax, Kyley, just let everything else go and simply-be." It took a few more minutes, but she did loosen up, even leg go of his arm.
     Just having his hand on her lower back contracted every fiber in his own body. The irony of him telling her to relax did not elude him.
     The wet, soft, cotton t-shirt clung to every curve and demonstrated she wore no bra. Her nipples stood proud as if daring him...It took every ounce of control to keep his eyes centered on her face. When he couldn't stand it any longer, he told her to close her eyes and of them had to.
Why did I think this a good idea?

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