Saturday, April 4, 2015

My Sexy Saturday week #86

This week’s theme is about those who’ve loved each other for a long time.

In Shadowed Horizons, Kiera, a warrior, has watched over and protected Carlin on various occasions in varied situations. Over time, she’s grown to love him, though never having experienced it before, she’s unaware  of its strength until she pulls him back from death’s door.

Shadowed Horizons

   From out of nowhere, a double-edged, steel blade knocked the dagger’s forward thrust down and away. Astonishment compelled his hand, still holding the cell, to drop down, along with his jaw. His gaze drifted from the dagger that had saved him from wearing a shish-kabob embellishment to the beautiful warrior who wielded it.
     He stood transfixed, his mind scrambling to explain the scene unfolding in slow motion. With anything from chipsets, to solenoids, to ciphers, understanding came in its natural course. This—this equaled his first foray along the Onion Router as a youngster. Curiosity had driven him to investigate the Darknet. Now, with an adult’s understanding of life—and death—his prodigious mind recoiled from the horror before him.
     In his periphery, four similar black-clad goons approached from Adam’s side. Each held a short-bladed, curved knife. Adam surged to his feet, his own knife in hand. As his bodyguard turned and squared off against the newcomers, his voice echoed in the night, “Protect him, Kiera.”
     A heartbeat later, three more leathered warriors stepped forward to face off against the threat converging on Adam.
     “Where in the hell did they come from?” Carlin shook his head in disbelief. Out of thin air!
     “Holy Hell! You! What’re you doing here?” His assailant’s expression betrayed the shock in his tone as he stepped lightly and squared off with his guardian angel. His bulk seemed to tower over her, though only six inches differentiated their heights. With greater speed and a lower center of gravity, she obtained the tactical advantage.
     “Just messing with your party plans, asshole.” Kiera grabbed his attacker’s left shoulder. A microsecond later, her right knee slammed into the thug’s groin, eliciting a low groan as he doubled over. His knife clattered on the cement. A slight pivot, and her foot followed through with a rake down his shin and mash of his instep.

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