Saturday, April 18, 2015

My Sexy Saturday #88

This week’s theme is all about being there for the one you love. No matter what is happening or how bad things can get, you can always depend on your better half.
For this week’s snippet, in Shadowed Origins, Kyley is terrorized by Roth, her psychopathic uncle. After Taylor rescues her after horrendous abuse, he vows to help her recover, physically and emotionally.  Would that we were all so lucky to have someone in our lives like this.

Shadowed Origins
“Oh God, you saw me like—like that. Oh God.”
Before she could take a deep calming breath, dry heaves racked her thin frame. Prepared for this reaction, he grabbed the waste can by the bed and held it as she emptied the small amount of acid in her stomach. The convulsive retching tightened her back and stretched it beyond tolerance, judging by her whimper.
Bile scorched the back of his throat.
He let his fingertips glide whisper soft over her shoulders where unmarked, all the while making soothing noises. The language he spoke didn’t seem to register any meaning for her. Thank God. He’d let gentle actions convey his meaning, anything to help allay her distress.
Not for the first time, jealousy over Kenner’s ability to console made him wish for a less destructive talent. Especially since his ability fell far short of either protecting her or alleviating her pain. Last night he’d asked Kenner to come in and hold her hand for a few minutes. Her pain outweighed his possessiveness. The dark room had concealed the moisture leaking from his eyes, but Kenner would’ve picked up on his feelings. Taylor was glad to avoid any conversations at the time.
When she caught her breath, he went into the bathroom and retrieved a damp towel to wipe her mouth. It was essential for her to stay calm to heal. A feather-light touch of his fingers along her scalp relaxed her until her eyelids drooped. It was the best he could think to do.
“Kyley, please understand. You’ve got nothing to be ashamed of.” Her tears washed his soul in guilt. Yet his anger at what she’d suffered from the sociopath blinded him. Every thought hardened to a focused point. He’d take years torturing Roth. For now, he wiped the tears flowing down her cheeks. She needed this catharsis. His intuitive sense dictated she’d experience this many times before feeling whole again. She’d get there. He’d see to it.

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