Friday, April 24, 2015

My Sexy Saturday #89

This week’s theme of My Sexy Saturday is all about how once is not enough. Lovers who’ve built their world around each other.

Adara is a young woman just on the verge of coming into her own. When she finally gains her freedom, Julien is there to guide her. Through trial and tribulation, she finds her path hindered by a psychopathic stalker, sadist uncle and cousin, and a serial killer.

An impulsive decision can alter the course of your life. 

Adara’s enigmatic and sexy boss asks her a simple question. “How are you going to celebrate your twenty-first birthday?” Sounds innocent enough, until he suggests she go to Ambrosia, the infamous BDSM club. She had no idea her boss harbored such a dark side, including erotic bondage and impact play.
To volunteer for scars and bruises will never appear on her to-do list. Since her adoptive parents died six years ago, she’s accumulated enough of them from her twisted uncle and cousin. When Julien invades her personal space, her body goes into panic mode and fails to respond. As usual, her mind simply shuts down.
Since her adoptive parents died six years ago, she’s endured horrific tortures at the hands of her sadistic and perverted uncle and cousin. They track her every move, email, and phone call.
 Now, her long-awaited twenty-first birthday, and inheritance, are days away. The money means nothing, escape means survival, not to mention an adventure. Working for a Julien’s firm has provided her with tips and tricks on how to hide.
During the past six months, a co-worker from her former employment has increased his stalking tendencies, keeping her in a state of suspense. If she tells her family, they’ll only beat her for encouraging his attentions. If she goes to the police, her uncle will provide more scars and material for her nightmares.
For six years, Tony has fed and clothed his adoptive niece. The long-awaited payoff, her inheritance, is only weeks away and all the debts he’s accumulated will be paid in full. Having the mousy twit under his thumb to do his bidding has been fun, but his son will take over on her birthday. Though he hasn’t informed her yet, she’s about to get married.
Julien Crofton is an ex-Special Forces private investigator. Since he hired Adara six months ago, her subtle signs of ongoing abuse have tied him in knots, not the good kind. Still, erotic images of what he’d like to teach her preclude rational thought

This Week's Excerpt

“Hmmm, how are you feeling, Adara?” Only when he laid her out on the massive bed did she realize it wasn’t her room. Both the headboard and footboard contained intricate iron scrollwork, a larger version of her own bed. Her passion-fogged mind could only register rich, deep colors, leather, and low lighting when she glanced around the room. He opened the French doors to a balcony, admitting the soft sound of the surf along with the salty breeze.
“Umm, fine.”
“Adara. Describe fine.” That voice. The one that compelled her to tell all.
“Um, actually, I was hoping…”
“I’m listening.”
“I was hoping—we could…have sex? I need you, Julien.” Her voice was barely audible to her own ears. Her cheeks flamed with thoughts of what he’d already done to her. What else could he make her feel?
“Okay, good girl. Tell me what’s off limits. Also, in the bedroom, you’ll address me as sir.”
“No limits,” adding, “Sir,” at his scowl. Her heart hammered in her chest. With her next heartbeat, his entire demeanor changed, more imposing, forceful, and omnipotent. Yet instead of instilling fear, a calm assurance stole over her.

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