Friday, May 29, 2015

My Sexy Saturday # 7 - A Sexy Delight

This week's theme is all about the sexy delight. In Shadowed Passage, Kyley, a young woman who's suffered years of abuse, is now free and experiences the first stirrings of passion.
Taylor the ex-military psychic who has rescued her, vows to help her navigate her emotional triggers and guide her into and through a world of passion and carnal delight.

Excerpt from Shadowed Passage
     His deep velvet voice reminded her of the warmth his arms provided. Unable to hold back, she reached up to push a lock of hair from his brow, the silky texture a balm to her soul. The shadow of his beard chafed the side of her neck when he nuzzled.
     “Well, you have, but I know how you could make it up to me...” Sliding her arms around his waist and pulling him tight made his pupils dilate, almost obscuring the iris. She’d come to love the animalistic hunger which overcame him when she flirted.
     “We only have thirty minutes.” His eyes narrowed in sensual warning. A dare.
     “Mmm, I hear it doesn’t always take long...”
     “Sweetheart, I want your first time to be perfect. Not rushed. This is neither the time nor the place...”
     “Taylor, I want more.” With a gliding exploration, she let her fingertips smooth over the ropes of muscle and rib until, with pleading eyes, she pressed firmly against his chest. A low rumble under her touch betrayed her effect on him.
     Later, with fond remembrance, she’d revel in his response, but now she decided to take the challenge in his gaze, interlocking her fingers behind his neck to pull him closer. Exquisite tingling sensations filled her breasts as she rubbed against him...He may as well be equally frustrated.
“Always in a rush.” His groan preceded his gliding touch down her lower back to her derriere, pulling her tight against him. The evidence of his desire pressed firmly against her lower belly.

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