Friday, May 8, 2015

My Sexy Saturday week #91

This week's theme is all about falling in love regardless of the circumstances. Whether we've held that precious drive in our hearts before or perhaps it's the first time. What matters is that we're consumed by another soul. In Shadowed Passage, Taylor is a strong telekinetic whose always demonstrated complete control, personally and professionally, until Kyley sideswipes his life into a maelstrom of danger and desire. When Kyley decides to take a risk he deems too great, Taylor decides to change her mind, and the course of her life.

Shadowed Passage
 “Well, maybe it might be better to wait at least a couple of days. I don’t want to be distracted tonight.”
     “Mmm, okay. If you want to wait, we can.” Like hell.
     When he traced his fingers in a line from her collarbone down the V in her shirt, she squirmed. Her skin—soft and inviting, tortured his dreams for the want of her. His greatest wish was to lay her out completely naked, explore and touch every inch of her, drive her wild with aching need.
     “Did you like what we did this morning?”
     He slid the top two buttons open on her shirt. Her bra was little more than a thin scrap of lace as he reached inside to cup her breast. Hmm, good thing I didn’t see these lacy scraps before now...
     She groaned.
     “Is that a yes?” He knew maintaining control would be difficult but necessary. Her years of abuse necessitated observing and guiding their path, negotiating her triggers and responses. In the past three months, he’d become very adept at reading her. When it came to his touch, she no longer flinched. He couldn't resist.

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  1. Very interesting snippet, Shyla. Thanks for sharing and being part of My Sexy Saturday.


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