Saturday, August 1, 2015

My Sexy Saturday

This week's theme revolves around that moment in time, that penultimate minute when capitulation results from the knowledge that you're meant to be together, regardless of the obstacles in your path or the odds stacked against you.

In Shadowed Passage, Dylan has a dual mission, reunite his family, which was torn apart when he was a child, and thwart a terrorist attack. One member of his new team happens to be the major's girl, intent on thwarting his best efforts to concentrate on his work, taking every opportunity to exploit the sexual energy between them. They both have secrets that if divulged, could threaten the survival of the ones they love.


     The sweet scent of her shampoo corralled his doubts, curbing their strength as he swiveled his hips to lie full out beside her. Not breaking contact with those luscious lips, he traced the seam of her mouth with his tongue.
     She opened.
     The sweet haven within could sustain him for months. Nothing was sweeter than the slide and tangle of her tongue with his, betraying her anticipation. The soft, smooth skin under his touch made him ravenous, needing to stake his claim in the most primordial method. Pulling back, he nibbled at her lips before tasting and teasing the sensitive skin at the base of her neck. The beast inside seemed to settle with the knowledge he’d claim her for himself.

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