Saturday, September 19, 2015

My Sexy Saturday

     Welcome to My Sexy Saturday's Snippet. This week is all about the sexy boy. What can be sexier than a man who saves your life then falls in love with you.
     In Shadowed Passage, Kyley is a young woman rescued after a lifetime of captivity and torture. Taylor is the telekinetic who rescued her from the psychopathic intent on mass annihilation and anarchy.

Shadowed Passage

    “You know, Taylor, you’ve been awful pushy lately with training...”
     “Have I now? Wasn’t aware preparing you to defend your life was offensive.”
     His deep velvet voice reminded her of the warmth his arms provided. Unable to hold back, she reached up to push a lock of hair from his brow, the silky texture a balm to her soul. The shadow of his beard chafed the side of her neck when he nuzzled.

   “Well, you have, but I know how you could make it up to me...” Sliding her arms around his waist and pulling him tight made his pupils dilate, almost obscuring the iris. She’d come to love the animalistic hunger which overcame him when she flirted.
     “We only have thirty minutes.” His eyes narrowed in sensual warning. A dare.
     “Mmm, I hear it doesn’t always take long...”
     “Sweetheart, I want your first time to be perfect. Not rushed. This is neither the time nor the place...”

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