Saturday, September 26, 2015

My Sexy Saturday

This week’s theme is all about sexy today.

     In Shadowed Passage, Dylan is on a mission - He’s spent most of his life developing his psychic talents, trained with the military, and learned the skills necessary to locate the family he’d destroyed as a child. One last mission for his now ex-boss and he’ll begin his search.
     Tori, a young woman weeks away from graduating with her psych doctorate, is torn from her stable life and thrust into a world of espionage, warriors, and unexplainable phenomenon. The man she loves, Major Clannahan, attaches her to the unit charged with locating a terrorist cell.
     Dylan, leading the unit, draws her like no other. Yet the darkness buried in his soul will test her skills and patience beyond anything she’s ever known.

Shadowed Passage

   “They’ve been together quite a while, as I understand it.” David’s cough failed to cover his snicker.
     “Yeah, so have her knees.”
     David shook his head. “You have no idea.”
     Locking gazes, he realized David held his secrets, too. Not that he’d probably share.  “Care to elaborate?”
“Naw. It’s nothing.” His cryptic smile said otherwise. His shoulders shook slightly as he swiveled his chair around and got up.

   “I’ll deal with it. Tori belongs to me now. He’s just going to have to find a new plaything. She deserves better than that, someone closer to her own age.”
   “Yeah, not sure how long you’ll be standing once he finds out.”
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